About Us

Elements of Christ Naturals (EOCNATURALS) is a faith-inspired, hair and body butter business that promotes healthy, moisturized, luxurious skin and hair using plant-based oils and butters. 


When I first began my hair journey years ago, I used to mix all sorts of plant-based oils, spend countless hours on my hair routine, while spending a lot of money on products to discover what my hair loved (and learning to love my hair). Those years spent were not completely fruitless, as it was the beginning of my journey toward becoming intentional about the ingredients and products that I put on my hair and skin, and ultimately into my body. That journey had fits and starts, and from that EOCNATURALS was born. 
It is my intention to continue this journey with you and offer you a starting point towards your own healthy hair and skin goals.  EOCNATURALS offers simple ingredients in our butters to help keep you accountable to yourself and what you put in your body. Every product will feature only organic and/or high quality oils to support your vision of healthier hair and skin. 
And how does this all fit with the name EOCNATURALS (Elements of Christ Naturals)? My Christian faith has been a consistent thread throughout this journey of health and discovery. Through my faith, I wish to live a life of simplicity, beauty and discovery, and as these elements are reflective of who I am becoming, I want them to be reflected in what I do and where I am going. I believe every person is fearfully and wonderfully made and worthy of honour and celebration. I want you to celebrate yourself by taking care of yourself. Be a steward of your already beautiful skin and hair!
 Join me on this journey of simplicity, beauty and discovery. You deserve to have luscious, beautiful healthy hair and skin!
Stay blessed!


Chenai Mbanga, OWNER