About Us





My name is Chenai and I am the owner of EOC Naturals. I’ve loved plant oils since starting my natural hair journey in 2012. I learned to be confident in myself, and in my hair after years of feeling that it was unmanageable, and unless it was in braids, it wasn’t “good enough” to see the light of day. Since then, natural oils have become part of my hair and skin care. I created EOC Naturals to capture that confidence, boldness, and strength that I got from redefining what beauty is for myself.

What’s in a name?

 EOC Naturals stands for Elements of Christ Naturals. Chemical elements can’t be broken down by natural, normal processes, and Christ means anointed, or consecrated by God. You see, every time you use our butters or oils, you are proclaiming that you are set apart, you’re worthy and you can’t be broken down. You are good enough. Something that is consecrated is special, and is to be used for special purposes. I believe that each and every one of us is made to be extraordinary. I want us to be confident, bold and strong in sharing that extraordinariness with the world.

 I created EOC Naturals to help you take back control of your hair and skincare. You see, I, too, go through periods where my hair is dry, breaking, and my scalp is a haven for dandruff; and my skin feels rough, and very ashy!  Our plant-based oils and butters help nourish, moisturize, and maintain healthier skin and hair. Don’t you find that when your hair and/or skin is looking its best, it translates into greater confidence, boldness and strength? So, no matter how you choose to wear your hair, our products will help your crown grow majestically. And your skin? Regardless of any imperfections, our butters and oils will keep you moisturized, glistening and feeling confident all year round.

 Head over to our store and grab some butters and oils (grab some for your friends too!). We are adding more products soon!