About Us

My name is Chenai and I am the owner of EOC Naturals. I have loved plant oils since embarking on my natural hair journey in 2012. Back then, I struggled to find a solution to bring my hair to optimum health, until I discovered I could simplify my routine in 3 easy steps: water, leave-in conditioner, hair butter. I created a hair butter that helped me in my simplified routine, and EOC Naturals was born. The versatility offered by plant oils empowered me to take control of my hair and skincare, giving me a new sense of confidence and boldness. I created EOC Naturals so that you can be empowered in the same way.


What’s in a name?

EOC stands for Elements of Christ. Christ is a title, that means anointed or consecrated by God. I wanted a name that reflect characteristics that I am passionate about: being strong in faith, not easily broken down and knowing one’s value. When you use EOC Naturals you are proclaiming confidently and boldly that you are precious just as you are. You are using a product that is enhancing an already beautiful you!

Admittedly, the beautiful you is often dealing with dry, flaky scalp, and because of the dry air, your skin suffers too: your skin is rough, it’s peeling, it’s dry, it’s itchy! The more products you use the worse it seems to get.  EOC Naturals body oils and butter formulations are simple curations designed to help nourish, soften, and heal these uncomfortable, often frustrating skin conditions.  Our hair butter does the same; as you add it to your routine, whether you wear your hair natural, braided, under weave or wigs, your hair will be soft and luscious after each use.

 When your hair and skin are looking their best, it gives you confidence, boldness and versatility in how you present yourself to the world.  We are excited to be and appreciate you for making us part of your haircare and skincare routine!